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Update Log

9/1/2023: Just kidding about the self hosting as it actually sucks and I will not be doing that anymore!! Wrow! Eventually I'll update this site for realsies...
12/18/2022: Hi all, just a quick update that I am no longer a neocities supporter as I have decided to, instead, start self-hosting. I will still keep this neocities up and will eventually convert into more of a personal website and use my actual domain for showcasing my art and other creative projects. Feel free to check it out at hydratriangle.com. Take care!
11/18/2022: A new system file (profile) was added; Nicolas' page! I've also added a chatbox & a new gallery piece! I cleaned up the gallery's styling a bit too because I didn't like it that much.
11/16/2022: New static buttons to other sites were added!
11/15/2022: About page is now live! Navbar changed and updated to be a topbar instead of a sidebar. Added buttons to other sites on Home page. Made Update Log scrollable in preperation for how long it will be in the future, probably.
11/7/2022: I have converted the back-end of the site to Jekyll! I have also updated the site with an entirely new style and theme! Apologies for the downtime while I figured this out if you caught it. Everything should be running smoothly now!
11/4/2022: My gallery page has been updated with more art; as well as this, I am now a neocities supporter! this should help out a lot and free up a lot of new things I can do with my site, so stay tuned!
10/26/2022: Added my gallery and commissions page!
10/20/2022: Doin' my best to fix up navigation and make sure it stays uptodate. added wermz page, added writing resource page!
10/19/2022: Project is now live ahaaa! Heavy under construction.

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